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OS/2 Software Vendors

BMT Micro - Shop, order, pay, and download -- without leaving your chair.
Mensys - Europe's biggest OS/2 vendor.
SBT Info Systems - Move up to OS/2 down under.
Software Developers' Web Pages
Adventure Software - Developer of Internet Adventurer for OS/2.
Apache - Developer of Apache Internet Server for OS/2.
Aquila Technologies - Developer of GL-Cube for OS/2.
Aviar - Developer of V-Trex for OS/2 and the Ounce of Prevention System.
Ayukov - Developer of NFTP for OS/2.
Bentley Systems - Developer of industrial CAD programs for OS/2.
Blue Sky Innovations - Developer of PowerBoot multi-OS boot utility.
Blueprint Software Works - Developer of PMView and PMMail for OS/2.
CDS - Developer of Back Again/2 for OS/2.
Clear & Simple - Developer of Disk Jockey for OS/2.
DevTech - Developer of Deskman/2 for OS/2.
Dux Software - Developer of dictionary and game programs for OS/2.
Exponential Development - Formerly Phoenix Software; developer of ThinkTool Pro.
Gammatech - Developer of Gammatech Utilities for OS/2.
Halcyon Software - Developer of 4GL IDE Instant Basic for Java.
Hethmon Brothers - Developer of mail programs for OS/2.
Hilgraeve - Developer of Hyperaccess for OS/2.
JBC Solutions - Developer of Home Page Publisher for OS/2.
Keller Group - Developer of FaxWorks Pro for OS/2.
Lotus - Developer of Smartsuite for OS/2.
MekTek - Developer of VyperHelp for OS/2.
Modular Dreams - Developer of SX Paint for OS/2.
MSR - Developer of a variety of OS/2 utilities.
Netlabs - Developer of Gimp/2 and Warpscape for OS/2.
Novastor - Developer of NovaBackup for OS/2.
PCX - Developer of LInkWiz and BakupWiz for OS/2.
PerfectNiche - Developer of Smack! labelmaker for OS/2.
Pillarsoft - Developer of utilities for OS/2.
Powerquest - Developer of Partition Magic, DriveImage, and DriveCopy.
Practice - Developer of Quickmotion for OS/2.
PVSoft - Developer of Fontfolder for OS/2.
R.O.M. Logicware - Developer of Papyrus Office for OS/2.
RSJ - Developer of CD-Writer for OS/2.
Serenity Systems - Developer of small-business version of OS/2.
SnowStorm - Developer of EscapeGL for OS/2.
SofTouch Systems - Developer of Unimaint for OS/2.
Solution Technology - Developer of scanner and barcode utilities for OS/2.
SouthSoft - Developer of PMINews for OS/2.
Spitfire - Developer of InCharge for OS/2.
Star Division - Developer of StarOffice for OS/2; now an open-source project.
Stardock - The world's leading OS/2 game developer.
Sundial Systems - Large selection of native OS/2 productivity applications.
Syntegration - Developer of Secure Workplace for OS/2.
Touchvoice - Developer of call center products for OS/2.
TTC Computer Products - Developer of InfoOnCall for OS/2.
Warped Studios - Developer of various games for OS/2.
WarpSpeed Computers - Developer of Graham Utilities for OS/2.

Former Software Developers' Free Download Pages
Dadaware - Developer of Embellish for OS/2.


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